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Eedu Gold Ehe Full Movie || 2017 Telugu Movies || Sunil, Sushma Raj, Richa Panai

   Bhavani HD Movies
   Published: 2 weeks ago


Uploaded by Bhavani HD Movies Starring : Sunil, Sushma Raj, Richa Panai, Jaya Sudha, Naresh, Posani Krishna Murali, Vennela Kishore, Shakalaka Shankar and Among others.

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Director: Veeru Potla
Producer: Ramabrahmam Sunkara
Production Co: AK Entertainments Pvt Ltd,
Music Director: Sagar Mahathi


Bangarraju (Sunil), an orphan, brings bad luck to the employer he works for. One of his employers in Vijayawada sends him to Hyderabad just to avoid his presence. As he steps in Hyderabad, he happens to meet a beautiful girl (Sushma Raj) and on the same day he helps a woman (Jayasudha) who starts treating him as her elder son.

A gang is after Bangarraju as he looks exactly like Sunil Varma, and they seek to know information about some idols that are hidden somewhere.How Bangarraju lands in trouble due to his similarities with Sunil Varma is what this film is all about!
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